Thursday, May 8, 2008

A lot of great ideas still looking for ways to monetize

And now the million dollar question!

Ok, so you can get everything in front of you through a single interface. You can see which of your friends or the people you follow posted what, on facebook, myspace, flickr, youtube, twitter etc. You can easily view their photos, videos, blogs, comments etc. and everybody is happy.

But let’s try thinking the other way around. Let’s say you are that guy posting everything , leaving your mark everywhere. And your content is popular and you 've got a lot of views and a great bunch of people going through everything you post. You are That social guy. Or you are a band posting videos and songs on youtube and myspace and your music is often requested or streamed on lastfm and Pandora (by the way I really miss Pandora). Wouldn’t you like to know in terms of both quantity and quality, the extend of “your content’s impact on the world”. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a great customizable attractive visual report of everything your content has gone through? How do you monetize? When and how do you collect?

Wouldn't be even greater if this could be the way for sponsors to search and find the exact content to sponsor? Advertising agencies would have a clear view of the popularity and buzz created by certain kinds of content and publishers.

In my search for a solution i came across traackr. This great little tool let's you track what's going on with your content on all the different networks it is posted. Through a clever scoring mechanism you get a clear view of what is popular and what is not.

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Sharjeel said...

In the vast realm of social media, standing out as a content creator is both an art and a science. It's not just about posting; it's about making an impact. Traackr understands this dynamic and offers a solution that goes beyond surface-level metrics. Imagine having a tool that not only quantifies your content's reach but also delves into its quality and resonance. Traackr does just that. It's not just a tracking tool; it's a compass guiding creators towards meaningful connections and impactful content. For sponsors and advertisers, it's a goldmine of insights, allowing them to invest in content that truly captures the audience's attention. It's not just about views; it's about influence, and Traackr is leading the way.