Monday, October 6, 2008

Less talk, more text

Bring on the keyboard!

According to a new research by Nielsen, the average mobile subscriber in the US sent and received more SMS text messages than mobile telephone calls during Q2 2008. This was the second consecutive quarter in which the average number of text messages was significantly higher than the average number of phone calls.

Average Monthly Calls Made/Received and Text Messages Sent/Received per US Mobile Phone Subscriber, by Age, Q2 2008

Although the research is an indicator of rising mobile data use, the two types of mobile communication are not directly comparable. Users typically convey far more information in a voice call than in a text, so text "conversations" can require multiple messages.

It was clear until now that sms messaging was popular among younger mobile users but nowdays the tendency is towards global adoption. Features like click to map, click to call or click to video embedded in messages open an era of new possibilities and services.

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