Friday, May 6, 2011

Avenir Group Portal

A new case study for Corporate Website development with Investor Relations portal integration. We designed and developed a higly functional, user friendly site, based upon the corporate identity’s specific needs which focuses on meeting the new trends Linkworldwide for content optimization.

Avenir Group is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange and is active in the sectors of Fixed Odd Bets (land – based and online), Online Gaming & Gambling (online sportsbetting, live and RNG casino games) and Casinos on Board.

Quotting Avenir's Press Release:

"AVENIR Group presents its new website as a part of the new corporate identity which reflects a more contemporary and dynamic image. Furthermore, through state of the art web applications, the new website ensures maximum disclosure and transparency providing a totally friendly navigation environment.

The new website was designed and implemented by Umobit S.A. and is available since Thursday 05/05/2011, at the url:

In consistency with the new brand name AVENIR, the new website reflects the ongoing modernization and development procedure of the group, fully adapted to both new business and technological developments.

The corporate identity and the latest developments of AVENIR Group are reflected from the very first page. On the Home page, visitors can be informed about the group’s latest news, the share price, the number and type of agents available and use of navigation tools (email page, print page, bookmarks, rss feed, email alert, etc.). There is a triple A (3A) Accessibility tool to help users with special needs and a file collector application that enhances navigation by collecting the files of one’s interest and gives the opportunity of massive storage to his computer. Through a totally friendly navigation environment, every visitor can have a complete update about the Group's strategy and vision, the principles of Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Governance which engage its corporate structure, Corporate Culture which inspires all employees, partners and it’s area of activities.

Detailed information is provided in the Investor Relations section in order to fully adapt the existing institutional framework and promote a two-way communication between the Group and the investment community as well as other interested parties and stakeholders. In this context, an analytical presentation of corporate governance structure, financial profile and financial statements, notes, annual financial reports, general meetings and a host of useful information is provided to investors through a user-friendly environment. There is a separate section with information regarding the company’s share through a dynamic comparative chart, stock performance calculators, historical price and dividend yield, economic calendar, and investor’s news.

The list of applications provided includes an interactive map of the Group’s geographical presence with detailed view of the Group’s agencies, RSS feeds for company news, investment news and new jobs available, a requesting form for printed material and subscription for automatic updates through email (email alert), a multimedia gallery and much more."