Thursday, July 19, 2012

Building a boutique hotel’s site in a week - Cotommatae 1810, Hydra Greece

Another demanding project during the summer… What can we do?

Froso and Nikos came to us in late June with plans to build a new site for Cotommatae 1810, their brand new boutique hotel in Hydra, Greece. They had a temporary site set up for them but it was a mess. They wanted their site up and running for the Miaoulia 2012, the famous celebration in Hydra, which was just ten days away! 

It was Thursday (25th of June). We had to start from scratch and had to work really fast!

On Friday we looked around for new ideas, checked on the competition and did some brainstorming.

Working on a weekend was not an option… well, until then…
The templates and basic site map were designed during the last weekend of June. Cotommatae 1810's photos were great and helped us design a simple, clear website with a strong summer feeling. 

Decision-making was fast and Froso and Nikos were very confident about their choices! The templates were immediately approved and we started working and writing great html code on Monday afternoon!

Customization of our WebCtrl content management application was straightforward. We had to build a couple of new components using our beloved Jquery and other javascript frameworks for implementing some of the proposed functionality, but it was a piece of cake.

With everybody working on it, coding was almost finished on Thursday afternoon! In the meantime, back in the lab, the girls selected the photos to be used, edited and inserted all content (always minding their SEO) and took care of every little detail in constant cooperation with Froso and Nikos.

Some small debugging, a little fine-tuning and finally on Friday night voilĂ :